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Fund Raising

The Utah Cambodian Community Buddhis Temple, also known as (UCCBT), is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that is setup to provide religious and community gathering for anyone interested in learning more about the Cambodian culture and it's religious interest. As a registered nonprofit organization, we are able to legally involve the community members to volunteer their time to help promote fundraising activities.

The fundraising activities include food booth during major holidays, bowling event, yard sales, concert events and miscellaneous community gatherings. We are proud to state that 100% of the funds raised from these activities have gone into a common operating account to fund the "Sala Chhan" project. A detailed financial report is provided in our website under the "finance" tab.

The "Sala Chhan" project is designed with community benefit and growth in mind. It is a new multi-purpose building built to accommodate the growing Cambodian community of Utah in the area of cultural preservation and understanding, hold community activities and many other activities approved by the community.

As evidenced by the strong gathering of support by our community, within a short period of time, what was once just a vision of a new Sala Chhan building is now REAL. With help from donors from all community members, the goal of completing our Sala Chhan by the summer of 2014 is also REAL.

Our volunteers are hard at work by promoting all sorts of activities to raise the neccessary funds to pay off the Sala Chhan building. Our work is not done yet, we still need more volunteers and do more fund raising activities. As we move forward with this endeavor, we like to remind everyone to continue to unite as one, so we can take pride in something that we built TOGETHER as a community!!

We like to express our sincere gratitude to all community members, we look forward to sharing the joy!!

wat khmer utah
wat khmer utah